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Lanya Tropicana creates original, colourful, and maximal patterned products made sustainably with 100% organic, natural or recycled materials and positive ethical working practices. 


Inspiration is derived from personal photography taken in botanical, tropical gardens from around the world. This imagery provides a rich starting point for illustrations, paintings and collages to form.

 Selected artwork is then developed into energetic patterns. There is a focus on producing original, unique and uplifting designs with daydream inducing powers to transport viewers into kaleidoscopic, tropic-worlds! 

Every stage of the process is carefully considered from refining vibrantly technicoloured palettes to product material choices. All fabric and paper used is either 100% natural and GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified organic or 100% recycled, then digitally printed using environmentally friendly inks and methods. 

Collaborating with independent printers and seamstresses to create positive working relationships - everything is produced then beautifully finished to the highest quality all in the UK. 


Unique designs to uplift, excite and delight - a tropical break from the mundane!

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