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The REEF design was the original print to emerge from the TRiiiO collection which has been described as  “marbled but better”  “fireworks!”  “not like anything I’ve seen before, so original and unusual” plus “paint splatters and speckles!”


In the ZEST colour palette - a continuous favourite at various London events launching this collection! Electric blue, fluro yellow and neon pinks pop with gorgeous sage and rich aubergine resulting in a seriously zesty, energising colour journey!


100% Organic Silk: the more elevated, sustainable sister of traditional silk - produced on regenerative farms where the aim is to enhance the environment through a series of positive agricultural techniques which are essential to future conservation of the planet.


Each scrunchie is fully designed, digitally printed using environmentally friendly inks and ethically sewn all in the UK.  


Limited quantities of only a few of each design are available, consciously created in small batches to prevent waste.


Only 3 left in stock
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